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The aim of the EQUA-foundation is to advise and support shareholders of family businesses in responsible and professional management, in order to safeguard long term sustainability. 

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Online-lectures "Gewinnverwendung in Familienunternehmen" (Appropriation of Earnings in Family Businesses)

In his lectures, Prof. Dr. Hermut Kormann raises the question as to which dividend payout ratio is advisable for family businesses. He divides this complex topic into three categories. 

  • Introduction (online-lecture)
  • Accumulation (online-lecture)
  • Distribution (online-lecture)

He doesn’t only in particular address the issues of differing conditions that involve various legal forms of business, but also expands upon different orientation possibilities. At the center, however, remains the individual’s evaluation of legitimate ( non arbitary) interests. He demonstrates in detail, how a fair balance between the business requirements (finance, growth) and the legitimate and advisable partner demands (taxes, transfer costs, etc) must be found.

Furthermore, every EQUA online student can use the interactive questionaire to clarify for himself important personal business and family related parameters anonymously (and without mention of exact figures but only relative figures); how the basis for a fair balance between distribution and accumulation in his or her own family business is formed.

  • Distribution and accumulation (interactive questionaire)

The questionnaire can be used for self-clarification or mailed online in order to receive a short, neutral and independent evaluation. EQUA garantees full anonymity.