Advisory Service

From time to time, I am available to founders and founder families for consultations. Questions relating to the following are typically put forward.

  • Transfer of assets to a family:
    To whom and when should the transfer be made? ("Transfer and inheritance policy")
  • Structuring of the owner’s committee such as advisory board and family council.
  • Fundamental questions regarding strategy factors of the business owner.
  • Fundamental questions regarding corporate strategy.

An initial non-committal conversation serves to clarify question proposals and identify the possibility of collaboration. Collaboration would only be with me personally as the advisory partner. I am not available for consultation where a technically qualified person, such as a solicitor, tax advisor or financial advisor is available. I do not act as an intermediary between other service providers, but serve to help them optimize their search and selection process effectively and offer them advice on how to propose relevant questions to the experts and how to discuss suggested solutions.